CLC Member's 5 qualities
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Congratulation to Damo, entered the Sacred Heart Novitiate of the Society of Jesus

Damo Chour is our CLC member in Cambodia, he decided to join Society of Jesus now. As team, we pray for him for his journey with God. May God bless him and his family that allow him to obey God for his whole his life. Congratulation! Advertisements

CCSC – Faith, Friendship, CLC, Magis and More by Fr. Ashley

I haven’t written in detail about the May report in Tahen but I found the expression mail of Fr. Ashley EVANS who’s originally formed the Catholic Church Student Center in Cambodia stated in his June email that’s very interesting for most Cambodian Catholic Christians in Cambodia. I took his quotes here: 1.  Thank you.  When I remember … Continue reading

Updated Workshop activity & Next Meetup

We haven’t made a detail report on our last activity in Battambang, Tahen village yet. Of course, in summary, we really had a great time together in our group with around 40 students participated in our workshop last month by 28-29 of May. The people over there welcomed us very well that really made us … Continue reading

Hostage-taking incident

It’s an old article wrote by our member, Wendy, currently in Philippine but I found some meaning words from this article that would be shared again here: For the past one week, I have been following the news from Hong Kong and in Philippines. I have been trying to use my rational reasoning to cover … Continue reading

CLC Member's 5 qualities

CLC Members Vocation

It’s a drafting plan: How we could apply those qualities in our daily lives? Thanks for CLC Hong Kong members for last Seminar who brought to us those explanation for 5 qualities of a CLC Member: Generosity (ចិត្តសប្បុរស) Silence (ភាពស្ងប់ស្ងាត់) Reverence​ (ការគោរព ព្រះជាម្ចាស់ និងអ្នកដទៃ) Depth (ភាពស៊ីជម្រៅ គឺកាន់តែអោយស្និទនឹងព្រះជាម្ចាស់ និងបេសកកម្ម) Recollection (ការរំលឹកឡើងវិញ ការប្រមូលផ្តុំ ចងចាំ និងចាប់អារម្មណ៍លើការអធិដ្ឋាន) We will … Continue reading

CLC - The purpose for the workshop in TAHEN, Battambang

We are ready! See you in Tahen, Battambang

Last February, we had postponed the program in Tahen and now we’re setting up it again as over there, they are ready to welcome us to share and to introduce them a CLC formation, the way of sharing through God and with God. Drafting program is done and each one of us already take the … Continue reading

CLC Seminar May 2011

CLC Seminar – How we respond to God’s call

Phnom Penh – More than 30 people participated in CLC Seminar prepared by a committee led by Fr. Ashley in Preab So center of Society of Jesus in Phnom Penh on 30th April till 2nd of May. CLC, the way of sharing, is introduced by the Catholic Church Student Center, in order to give one … Continue reading

Choosing Life

Thank Wendy for sharing this document among our CLC members.

[Postponed] Visiting Tahen in Battambang on 26th, 27th Feb

01/03: Sorry, it was postponed due to schedule from Tahen was changed and they informed us just 2 days before the date. The program will be in another available time. Tahen is a village in Battambang province, that takes around 20 minutes from the town to there. In this small village, there is a Catholic … Continue reading

Happy dinner and plans of 2011

It was a great dinner together on 29th of December at Baan Thai Restuarant. We got many good news from our members, some are having babies and one couple of our members was just delivered a baby late 28th night, it was a great news to us. We were listened to Wendy’s experience studying in … Continue reading